Wednesday, July 26, 2017


K isn't the only one feeling pretty good about herself after discovering ghost tram. I'm feeling pretty special too. I don't want to brag, but guys, I've done it again. Two weeks ago it was apple pie toastie, now meet snownuts. And I'm not talking about Russeth's Friday night. 

A little while ago while talking about the prospect of buying donuts Baby started saying words that rhymed with donuts. "Are you buying brobutts? Snownuts?"

'Mmmmm, snownuts' I thought. I didn't know what a snownut would be, I just knew it would be delicious. White and pillowy like snow but fried and delicious like a donut. I tried to imagine how you could get something so lovely sounding. A donut covered in heaps of icing sugar. No that's just a sugary donut. I kept thinking about it going through different possibilities until it suddenly struck me. I'd make a meringue, fill it with something and deep fry it. SNOWNUT! First I thought I'd fill it with lemon curd but I felt like it needed something even more special than that and decided on raspberry curd. 

I knew I'd seen poached meringues before but I'd never seen deep fried meringues so naturally I googled it and found that Poh has a recipe for a fancier version of this using pandan creme patissiere and spun sugar. So I knew it would work and so I set to... work. 

First I made a raspberry curd which is just like making a lemon curd but I added some heated strained raspberries to it. 

Then I made my meringue. I noticed Poh included flour and corn flour in her recipe which I was a little wary of. But as a frequent pavlova maker I decided I'd add some corn flour for a little integrity. I used theee egg white about half a cup of castor sugar, about a tablespoon of corn flour and a little vanilla extract. Whipped it into some stiff snowy peaks and used Poh's technique to create the snownuts. This involved putting the meringue mixture into a ladle, making a well, adding the curd the covering that over with some meringue.

Then I fried the little bastards. Oh my god. Fucking snownuts! They are delicious. 

Snownut ripped open

They really are these lovely sweet pillows. I'd never really chose to eat a meringue, I don't like the crunchy chalky texture that they are often entirely made up of. I like that on the outside of a pav, but meringues tend to be all crunch, no softness. Snownuts are like the pillowy inside of a pavlova with a delightful deep-fried skin and a delicious tangy burst in the middle. In fact I think lemon curd would have worked pretty damn well here, like an inside out lemon meringue pie. But I guess I can try that next time!*

*As if. I have to stop inventing delicious sweet treats, especially of the deep-fried variety. I know where this is heading and it involves me not fitting into my jeans. And I love jeans even more than deep-fried things!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ghost tram

It's no secret that I love public transport. Trains. Trams. Even the occasional bus. They're part of my daily life and I wouldn't have it any other way. For me, one of the joys of going to another big city is getting to know the public transport system, and delighting in the fact that it's inevitably more efficient than our own (excluding the #96 tram line, the most speedy and wonderful tram line in Melbourne, which in my mind could not get more efficient if it tried). 
But if there is something more exciting than discovering another city's public transport system, its discovering something new about your own. I'm not talking about where to stand at your favourite train station so the doors stop right in front of you, or which tram door to get on to maximise your chances of getting a seat, or even once on the tram, where to position yourself on a full tram so as to pounce on a newly vacated seat (if north of separation street, beside a girl in a Santa Maria College uniform). That's low hanging fruit.
I'm talking about discovering how to catch a tram that isn't even there. 

The PT scene really cranked up a notch with the arrival of Tram Tracker. That little pal in your pocket that can tell you the three next trams at a given stop, what time the tram you're on is due to arrive at a given location, when there is a delay due to some shit going down. It's fantastic. 

The next three trams feature is my favourite, and essential when I'm trying to make a tram connection after going to the gym in the mornings. It's all a bit of a rush and I need to know how much I should hustle. 

It looks like this, in case you're not a user. 

As you can see, it even shows you what kind of tram is coming. Only sometimes, early in the mornings, there ain't no picture of a tram. Just a blank space and then the number of minutes. I found this weird, and several times hustled to catch those trams, but they never came. I gave up on them. They were ghost trams. 
But one day, standing my designated stop, waiting for the tram after the ghost tram because I knew better, I heard the faint sound of trams gliding on tracks. I looked up, saw nothing, and then decided to walk down the street a bit, to the corner of Plenty road and high street and around the corner to miller street, where the tram depot is.
And that's when I saw The ghost tram. You see, instead of starting its journey in Bundoora or wherever the heck the 86 goes, it starts at the Preston depot. I guess there are so many people on the 86 route that they have to keep the supply up. The first stop it goes past is the stop after my stop. It's a ghost tram until then.
It was a real eureka moment. Now when Tram tracker tells me ghost tram is on it's way, I trot down to the next stop and intercept it. I'm the first passenger on ghost tram! I tell you, it's really something.
We all like to feel special, right? Ghost tram makes me feel special. Because I cracked the code and just because I love being on a tram all by myself. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Black and white

I think it's important to acknowledge the point K alluded to on Friday. When it comes to hunks it's not all just black and white. What about Hispanic?

And Asian?!

Ha! Just jokes. But seriously folks, when it comes to hunks Miss Soft Crab may have you believe it's a matter of just two choices, hunks

and not hunks

But life is not all black and white and neither are hunks. Hunks are much more complex than that. There's of course those that are a little bit hot:

and those that are really quite hot:

Not every hunk is going to start with a question (e.g. is this guy a hunk?) and end with a definitive answer (e.g. YES)

Most times you want to figure out if someone is a hunk it will probably just end up with a murky kinda maybe. But that's ok too, that's life guys. And not surprisingly, that's Collin Farrel too. I initially found him pretty repulsive and then I saw him in In Bruges which I really enjoyed and liked him in and then I saw him on Graham Norton and quite enjoyed him and I guess I think K's probably right, he's a little bit hot. And that's great, good for him and good for us. They can't all be hunks, but a little bit hot is ok by me.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A little bit hot

Today's post answers the question posed on Wednesday: is Colin Farrell hot? I'm going to give you the answer straight up: he's quite hot, readers, quite hot. 

For many years, I paid him no mind, because he seemed kind of gross like one of those dime store hunks they try to palm off on us as the real deal. You know the type. 

When I saw The New World I realised I was prepared to tolerate him. Years later I saw The Lobster and I realised he was quite good in things. I guess a seed got planted, because from then on, I've been slightly interested in him. 
Plus, he's Irish, and that can be quite hot. 

So when I started to see ads for The Beguiled I thought  it was time to answer the question once and for all. But let me be clear, the research proposition was not to establish if he's a hunk. I know he's not. But as I was watching it, I could see that he's more interesting than most handsome people on the screen. You know, he's quite hot. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why is flannel so magic?!

Last week I bought flannel donna covers for my bed and Baby's bed and Newbie's bed because the nights are cold and the mornings are colder and it's mid-year sale time. And since I put them on the bed 4 days ago all I've wondered is why the eff I didn't buy them earlier and how the hell is flannel so much warmer than regular cotton. After reading up on flannel on Wikipedia I'm none the wiser. Except I think what I'm calling flannel is actually flannelette and what can technically called flannel is ... I don't really know. Semantics really. All I care about is how the hell just brushing cotton, napping it, can make it so snuggly buggly. I've made no secret about how much I love bed. Lying in bed! Sleeping! Being warm! These are all in my top ten favourite things and when you add flannel(ette) to this mix these things are improved outta sight!

When I get into bed now my smile is bigger (yes, I actually smile when I get into bed most nights, especially if it's before 10PM and everyone is in their own beds) my body is warmer and I just feel fucking bon! I guess the softness is a substantial factor in the snuggly buggliness of flannel, but what about the warmth? I guess the nap means the tiny holes in the fabric are covered and gives it a better thermal retention. But also I guess the reason is really moot. Who gives a shit, just let me snuggle in my flannel dooney!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Seriously, Wednesday, WTF?

Much like last Wednesday,  this day has really got away from me. 
But tonight I'm going to the movies to answer a question I've been pondering for a while. 

Is Colin Farrell a bit hot? 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Starting the week off right

First I think it's really important to say, thanks K for starting the week of right. 

You know who else started it off right? This girl I see at the pool every Monday afternoon when I take Baby for his swimming lessons. Every week this girl is there probably having lessons too. She's probably  ten or twelve and I always see her after she's gotten out of the pool wearing white  flannel pjs with a colourful flouro print on them and she wears them with black Nike Frees. She looks totally fucking fly in the best way.  But not only does she looks totally fresh she looks so goddamn comfy. Imagine getting out of the pool late on a winter afternoon,  getting all snugly in your flannel pjs and probably going home TV watch to while someone makes you dinner. (Maybe - who knows what this girl does.) And also you look ace. That just seems like the best That girl is a goddman inspiration!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bunch of hunks

I just wanted to see this today, so I'm using my platform to make it happen.

Am I right or am I right? 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's talk about Harry

You know in the old days Prince Harry just used to be the less attractive, douchey little brother of Prince William that used to get drunk and turn up to parties dressed as a Nazi. I mean, basically he was just a dude behaving like any other dude of his age, but as a prince I guess everyone got to hear about it and have an opinion about it. Sucks to be a prince I guess. Especially if your mum died when you were just a boy.

But after following a couple of royal Instagram accounts, I gotta tell ya, I really kinda dig Harry. I mean, I guess it is in everyone's interest, including his own, that he works with and promotes charities, but if he was a real douche he'd probably just hang out in Monaco snorting coke of chicks' tits, right? I really like how he's always publicly getting HIV tests to promote HIV prevention. Here he is getting tested with Rhianna.

I like how he talks about mental health issues and how hard he had it dealing with his mother's death. You know, like he would. I mean, sure it's all palace approved but he still does it and I gotta say word up to that guy. I know he gets lots of cool stuff like nice cars and good champagne and free trips and tax-payer funded income so he probably should be doing some good for the world, but word on him for doing that.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mitten, come home

If anyone has seen a single mitten that looks exactly like this one but is alone on the streets or trams somewhere between Preston and Collins Street, please send it home to me. Little mitten may look tough but it has no street smarts and is likely to get eaten alive in the big bad city. 
I miss you little Mitten. You don't have to tell me where you've been. Just come home. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Further thoughts

Do you think it's the kind of thing you could give a two year old as a special treat in their birthday or on a Tuesday? 
I hope so. 
I'm interested in the journey J went on to get to this version. 
And I'm also interested in trying the following variations:
- using fruit toast instead of white bread
- adding a schmear of peanut butter.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Do yourself a favour

I'm not saying I reinvented the wheel or anything but last week I developed a toasted sandwich that was pretty damn good. Maybe other people have already been making it. I don't know. All I know is that an idea popped into my head and I could not rest until it was in my mouth. And once it had been in my mouth I could not rest until I'd found its best iteration. 

I call it the apple pie toastie. It's like eating apple pie but without all the effort and I guess without so much sugar or fat. It's basically a simple, not too unhealthy sweet treat and I just think if you're into these flavours you may as well give it a go. This is the best way to do it: grate a green apple, mix that with a little sugar and cinnamon to taste (me, I go heavy on the cinnamon) put it in some white bread, butter the outside and sprinkle a little sugar on top to get a nice caramel crust. Toast it in a sandwich maker. Eat it.

Friday, July 7, 2017


I'm back at work now and can't stop thinking about Japan. Check out this cute PSA they put on the playground equipment.